Bring Your Card to the Top of the Wallet
Introducing the most effective way to drive bank card revenue. It's a cutting edge option for cardholders to get a card with the design they love.

Over 10 million customized cards issued
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Digital gifts

Processing and customization of all types of digital gifts:

  • money transfers;
  • virtual gift cards;
  • virtual loyalty cards.

Each of these products can be customized with gaming techniques and Augmented Reality (AR) support to engage customers, retain loyalty and gain new bank clients.

Customization of bank cards

Over 80% of cardholders would like to get a card with their favorite photo or design, and use this card more often than any other card.

We offer complete turnkey software solution for banks to customize plastic and virtual payment cards for cardholders, working with bank’s own mobile wallets, as well as Apple Pay/ Android Pay. It is 10 times more effective for banks than any reward program such as miles or cashback.

We are the only company in the world providing a solution for virtual card customization.

Market surveys and VISA/MasterCard data show that customization really makes a difference

Account Activation Increase
Customer Usage Increase
Customer Acquisition Rate Increase
Revenue Impact

What makes our solution stand out?


Over 1 million designs

to choose from a library of copyrighted images, personal photo gallery or customer's social network accounts.


Customization of both plastic and virtual payment cards

World’s first feature for banks’ own mobile wallets, as well as Apple Pay/Android Pay.


Complete setup with the bank’s frontend takes only 2 weeks


AI-powered image screening, support and prevention of all legal risks with copyrighted images


User friendly toolkit

for your web and app customization in line with your corporate identity

Not yet convinced?

In-House Solution
Technical Solution
Turnkey solution is built on Open API, compatible with web and mobile applications through secure connection
Solution is built on Flash technology, compatible with web services only
Requires additional development. Technology of customer image upload is IP protected
Copyright and Screening
All images in the library are copyrighted. Customer image screening is AI-powered and takes less than 1 hour
Customers images screening takes more than 1 week
Requires additional staff for screening and copyright management
Costs to Launch
Zero costs to launch
Costs to launch start from 20,000 USD
Costs include development and management
Setup only takes 2 weeks
Integration stage takes 4–6 months or more
Development takes up to 6 months

How it works

Easy to launch

Just 2 weeks to start going,
and it is completely free of charge.

Easy to use

Customer chooses a photo from a gallery of images, or uploads any personal photo such as a selfie, family photo or photo of a loved pet.

Customer receives their card from the bank as usual.

Customer uses their customized payment card more often to show their personality or because it is just so nice to look at :)

Everybody wins

The customized card makes the customer's shopping experience more fun.
Acquisition and retention rates increase without additional costs.